Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cupcake Kadluboski: Lawbreaker?

Folks, you got to admit that the recent fiasco between Cupcake Kadluboski and the Citizen's Voice is one for the books. I mean Kadluboski's illegal advertisement really did a lot of damage to the Bob Reilly campaign as well as the Brian O'Donnell campaign. Those of us who voted for Bob Reilly are steaming about how Cupcake Kadluboski basically took our votes away with that sleazy and slimey advertisement he ran in the Voice the day before election. If Kadluboski didn't act the way he did which clearly favored Eddie Day/Night, maybe Bob Reilly won have won. I'll never know as will neither other supporters of Reilly and O'Donnell. That is ashame as my vote should matter.

Monday, May 29, 2006

W-B Online Is Really Offline

You know folks I really have wondered where W-B Online gathers all this wisdom he seems to posess. First, he waxes philosophic on campaign expenditures of candidates in the recent State Rep race then he comments on their television advertisements and then even offers his indepth knowledge of the immigration issues.

Want to know what all of this really means? Any fool with a computer can ramble on about any topic at any time on the internet. Please remember this when you read any blog or website including this one. All of us have a point of view we are entitled to but at the same time the reader has a right to disregard it too.

I think it's healthy and positive for all of us to be speaking our minds on issues and this is what democracy is all about even if we appear foolish and lacking of real knowledge or experience on the matter we are addressing. So, write on W-B Online and speak your peace.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lehighton the Mayor: Should he offer ESL classes???

After reading Greg Barrouk's application for funds from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Deliquency, I've come to the conclusion that Lehighton the Mayor desperately needs to offer an English as a Second Language course as Greg struggled to write coherent sentences on this application. Please go to the Times Leader Website and check it out yourself as I am not lying--May 25th story entitled, "W-B Grant Report Called Not Sufficient: City Weed and Seed Coordinator Greg Barrouk Only Wrote a Few Sentences."

Folks, this is pure laziness. To turn in an application for funds from The Pa Commission on Crime that contains as the Times Leader said, "...short answers.."is without a defence and shows the type of regard Lehighton the Mayor has for quality work in the city.

It appears Greg Barrouk has no real supervisor as this report is inexplicable and sloppy. Of course, Lehighton the Mayor is no genius either so you can't expect him to detect an employee who is not doing a good job.

Go to the Times Leader website and check this report out for yourself. They have a copy made available online. My words do not do this report which is a slap in the face to public service justice.

Oh, you'll never read anything regarding this sloppy work on W-B Online's blog as he's too fond of Lehighton the Mayor to notice.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cupcake Kadluboski Appears!!!

Hey everybody,

Did you read the papers this past week when for the first time since his gutless sneak attack Cupcake Kadluboski appeared publicly at the Wilkes-Barre City Council meeting. Now, for Cupcake Kadluboski, this is courage as after the disgraceful and illegal ad he took out in the Citizen's Voice you would think he'd not want to be seen. Folks, we all lost when he took away the right we all have to a fair election and instead spread his venom by way of his rotten political ad in the State Rep race against two good men--Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell. We will never know if either could have won because Cupcake Kadluboski polluted the political water with his slimy advertisement. The only encouragement we have at this point is that it appears Reilly and O'Donnell are taking dear Cupcake Kadluboski to task over his political pollution and hopefully, as a result, he will be put in his place. I feel that my vote for Bob Reilly was wiped away by the sleazy ad of Cupcake. Still, maybe the Reilly and O'Donnell pursuing Cupcake for his illegal action will be some type of justice.

As usual, our favorite blogger W-B Online misses the point. He talks in his blog as if W-B has no crime problem. Well, I guess his love for Lehighton the Mayor has blinded his views. Still, love is wonderful, especially, in the spring.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lehighton the Mayor

I see Leighton the Mayor has decided to take it upon himself to redesign the little league fields instead of focusing on what really matters which is the rising crime in Wilkes-Barre. We have problems here that are swiftly becoming out of hand and something must be done. First and foremost amongst the problems is the issue of crime. The local press has drummed up the idea of various towns combining police services and that has met with a powerful silence by Lehighton the Mayor. In fact, Lehighton the Mayor has said almost nothing about any suggestion to address the crime rate.

Lehighton the Mayor appears more interested in pleasing the Chamber of Commerce than anything else. Speaking of commerce I wonder how much commercial real estate Leighton the Mayor has sold during his time in office. While there is certainly nothing wrong with selling commercial real estate while your Mayor it certainly doesn't hurt being Mayor while being in such a business.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Could Cupcake Kadluboski Crossed the Line?

With the uncalled for attack the day before election on Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell by Cupcake Kadluboski it may very well be that he finally stepped over the line as both Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell may pursue legal charges with O'Donnell already starting the process. Reilly is considering the matter.

As I've said before, Reilly was my candidate but the low level slimey attack was such that it's stinks no matter who it was aimed at. It's time someone stood up to this bully and put him in his place.

However, like all bullies Kadluboski is now running for the hills lacking courage to stand by his wimpy political assualt. He suddenly has cowardly backed off of his "press conference" and slammed the phone down when the Times Leader called him the other day.

I hope Bob Reilly takes action against this bully Kadluboski and let's him know that this type of Richard Nixon politics is not gonna wash here in northeast Pa.

Of course, our favorite blogger "W-B Online" is still dreaming sweet dreams of W-B's most incompetent Mayor---Lehighton the Mayor---so W-B Online is too consumed with love to think clearly on the Kadluboski scandal. Love in the spring is so sweet. I wish W-B Online and Lehighton the Mayor well.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

How W-B Online & Lehighton the Mayor Met: A Love Story

It was a windswept evening in October when W-B Online got up from his couch and put his beer on the table. "If only I knew the Mayor of Wilkes-Barre, I'd feel so complete," he said.

The phone rang.

"Is this W-B Online?," said the nervous and shaking voice of Lehighton the Mayor.

"Yes. Oh God, it's you, Lehighton the Mayor," suddenly W-B Online burst into tears at the thought that his hero was on the phone.

"I understand that you'd like a picture of me standing near a sign of the city at your house," said Leighton the Mayor.

"Oh heaven, you'd do that?" W-B Online was overwhelmed at the prospect that his dream of photo with Lehighton the Mayor would come true.

"Of course, while the city is still passable at night I thought I'd better get to your house. I try to accomodate both of my fans," Lehighton the Mayor said.

And so with that phone call a dream came true as W-B Online achieved his goal to be in a photo with Lehighton the Mayor. Some say it was a simple dream but W-B Online knows better as he can tell all that for a brief moment he and Leighton the Mayor shared a dream space of a phone call.

Why Wilkes-Barre Online Bugs Me

Many of you have contacted me and asked, "Why does W-B Online bug you?"

There are many questions as there are rodents, bees and vermin of all sorts.

I guess if I had to think about it I'd say that I feel W-B Online exterminates the truth with a spray of confusion. In short, it stinks like a mole hole in your garage.

I'm not going to fall into a rodent trap like W-B Online did by building a beehive if friendship with Leighton the Mayor because that compromises a writers ability to communicate. No, I'll be here trying to avoid the birds nest of troubles that can only be routed out by the spray of truth.

Kadluboski Scandal Explodes!!!!

While our favorite blogger Wilkes-Barre Online better dreams of his sweetheart Lehighton the Mayor a huge scandal is exploding over the recent election for State Rep in the 121st District.

Heavy baggage has always followed Kadluboski, the junk man, but this time tongues are wagging that a real political fiasco may be at hand. Folks, a crime has been committed here as the Voice admits that they published a newspaper ad that was illegal because it did not identify the party who placed the ad and the crime, committed by Kadluboski because he placed the ad without identifying himself is the tip of the iceberg.

Why? Questions are swirling around this matter as the connection between Eddie DayNight and baggage carrying Kadluboski remains in limbo. Exactly what went on between these two? Isn't it strange that on the day that junk man, Kadluboski, took the ad is the same day that EddieDay Night had one of his flyers placed in the same paper, Citizens Voice.


Friday, May 19, 2006

The Kadluboski Scandal!

Today's Citizen's Voice revealed the highly controversial and much baggage carrying Kadluboski as the source behind the scandalous print ad run by the Voice the day before the election. Folks, this article has scandal written all over it. Let's see why.

The day the article was printed the "sweetheart of W-B Online" Eddie DayNight had one of his mailers that he appeared to have copied from his opponent O'Donnell placed in the Voice. So, you got to read what Kadluboski thought of O'Donnell & Reilly while at the same time you got to see what our W-B Online see's in Online's sweetheart Eddie DayNight via the mailer that DayNight stuffed in the Voice. Coincidence???? Was their a connection between these two events??? Shouldn't someone check this out???

Now don't think Eddie DayNight lacks a sense of humor. He is quoted saying in the Voice today, "I think the ad hurt me." HA HA HA HA HA....Does singing DayNight think we are stupid??? It "hurt him"?? Please Mr. DayNight give us readers some credit for not being idiots.

However, kudos to Christine Katsock for her integrity as her answer was clearly honest and not absurd like clever Eddie DayNights. Christine said, "I was not out there slamming anyone. There was no reason to..." I hope Christine pursues this matter and asks for an examination of any connection between Eddie DayNight & Kadluboski and the DayNight mailer and Kadluboski scandalous article.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wilkes-Barre Online is for the mentally vacant

I had to chuckle when I read the recent entry of Wilkes-Barre Online who seems to put it kindly not the brightest lad in the class. That's what's nice about blogs as even the dumb can participate. Let's look at this wizard's recent comment for proper illustration.

"O'Donnell's expensive advertising was inept at best. He's for public safety like who isn't for public safety? He's for safer neighborhoods. And that message stands out how? That differentiates him from every other candidate in what way?......Ed Mitchell owes him a sizable refund..."

Now folks the above quote I swear is true and I could not have made it up but it is unkind to make fun of those who are not too bright so I'll be kind. Many know me as a kindly person and I'll keep that in mind. I did not vote for Eddie DayNight or O'Donnell as I voted for Reilly but I do feel the above fiction needs to be corrected.

Let's cite the Times Leader of April 6th..."During the hour and a half forum during which candidates were given one minute each to answer questions submitted by the audience, the five hopefuls (including W-B Online's sweetheart EddieDayNight) focused on crime, education and the cost of healthcare..."

What's it all about W-B Online??? EddieDayNight was no different than anyone else and said what they said because he lacked original thoughts. Reilly was out there speaking his mind and saying his peace. Eddie DayNight's mailers which I got several sent to my home were duplicates of other candidates mailers who I received before DayNight's.

Sorry W-B Online but a new kid is in town and will be keeping an eye out for your poor writing.