Sunday, July 13, 2008

James G. Post, related by marriage to James Height, named purchasing agent with pay of $68,000.

Gotta love that Jeff Namey is scrambling to justify the HUGE salary of Jim Height's relative, James Post, when he said in the article in the Times Leader on July 12th, “will be responsible for totally computerizing the purchasing department,” Namey said. “We are computerized, but there are still a lot of things being done with paper and pencil, which, to me, is ridiculous in this day and age.”

So Jeff, you are computerized but you are still using paper and pen. That's like saying your half pregnant.

The article then noted that at a July 7 meeting, the board hired James G. Post as purchasing agent at an annual salary of $68,000. Post is married to the sister of Height’s wife, Namey said.

Namey said that Height's relative has “He has an excellent resume,” Namey said, and was doing similar work at Sun Chemical, handling “millions of dollars of business.” I guess Post's dedication to public service caused him to seek work in the Wilkes-Barre School District, eh Jeff?

Height voted for Post, but Namey said “Mr. Height said he checked with an attorney and was told he did not have to abstain from the vote” because Post was not a direct relative. Who was the attorney--Perry Mason. Or did Height go online and ask.

In the article, Jeff Namey said Height's relative's salary will be a few hundred dollars more than than the person he was replacing.

So, let me get this right, Jeff Namey, Height's relative starts at a salary higher than the guy he replaced who took a lot longer than Height's relative to get to that pay scale. Way to go Jeff. Thanks for sticking up for the taxpayers by defending whole hog Height.