Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leighton Is Ignorant and Arrogant

“I think Tom Leighton is being ignorant and arrogant.” This quote appeared in the Citizens Voice and was spoken by Steve Urban. Truer words have never been spoken.

Now here is a guy, Leighton, who get amazingly good publicity no matter that he is involved in shennanigan after shennanigan--the questionable matter about the Volunteers of America Office on North River Street, the fact that the Parking Garage connected to the Kirby Center is a wreck and a local business office left town because of it, the Card Shop downtown is leaving, etc--and despite all of these fiasco's not one word of criticism is said by the sleepy press.

Scotty Lynett never fails to be a half baked newspaper official and, once again, he drops the ball here by giving Leighton a pass. Of course, this is the same "newspaper power figure" that allowed Cupcake Kadlaboski to publish the sleazy add that smeared a great man like Bob Reilly in his ill fated State Rep race.

Anyway, go Steve Urban in telling it like it is and calling Leighton out for the poor job he is doing. The newspapers won't so you do Steve and keep up the good work.