Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is Anyone Checking In On Brian Dunn?

I got several emails from friends telling me that they were familiar with this Brian Dunn character.

One told me that I should post the following about this mess Dunn has created with his wife getting plum political jobs at the two school boards he sits on--Wilkes-Barre School District and the Wilkes-Barre Voc Tech. So, here it goes.

Is Dr. Namey, Superintendent of the Wilkes-Barre School District, going to monitor Mrs. Brian Dunn's job hours to be sure that she is not working at the exact same time in the Wilkes-Barre School District as she is at the Wilkes-Barre Voc Tech?

Is Mr Halesy of the Voc Tech going to see that Mrs. Dunn is held fully accountable for her hours at his school which means that Mrs. Dunn will have to work Saturdays so as not to conflict with her duo employment at the W-B School District?

Are either of these two men, Dr. Namey and Mr. Halesy, going to fully oversee Mrs. Dunn's work schedule so as to make sure that the public is getting their money's worth from her duo employment as a "consultant" at the Voc Tech and her employment at the School District? How will her hours be held into account? How will we, the public, be protected from Mrs. Dunn getting paid for working these two jobs for the same hours?

Why has the local press completely failed to scrutinize the Brian Dunn matter with his wife's employment? Why have they gotten so soft and lazy here and not done their job by protecting the public and allowed this Brian Dunn character to employ his wife in the manner that he has done (no pun intended).