Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bob Caruso: A political strategist

Bob Caruso has clearly been impressing many local politicos with his uncanny way of getting to the heart of a political matter and scoring victory after victory on the locale political scene. Unlike Ed Mitchell who seeks publicity, Bob Caruso is one who plods slowly and works in the political shadows. Is Bob a political strategist? Yes! But, more importantly, with Bob you get a low key thinker who simply outwits the opposition.

All of this said we wonder if the Eddie DayNight "Bandstand" gang will secure the services of the legendary Caruso. Some say that there is a rift between these two parties with Caruso wanting certain conditions agreed upon before he inks with the DayNight "Bandstand" gang in the next state rep race. While just about everyone agrees that Eddie DayNight is no genius and used a combination of nostalgia and ethnicity to gain his victory many still are baffled as to why he has not yet secured the services of the very talented Bob Caruso, political strategist. Hummmm....

Wilkes-Barre Online is till "offline" with his meanderings. Does anyone really care about the musings of this internet scribe? Many still enjoy the rivalry between Wilkes-Barre Online and Steve Corbett but pay little attention to what either says.