Wednesday, November 22, 2006

McGinley Takes on "Leighton the Mayor"

In a shocking development, Mike McGinley has taken on "Lehighton the Mayor" over the pathetic state of affairs with W-B, notably, the failure of Leighton the Mayor to get the leaves out of the drainage system which, according to McGinley help to cause the water/flooding problems.

Hooray for McGinley!! It's about time someone had the guts to take on this sad excuse for a Mayor we have in W-B. Not only is "Leighton the Mayor" kissing up to the Chamber of Commerce but, in fact, he has not pursued the causes of the ongoing flooding in the City which should be a concern to a leader. The media has it's own love affair with the Chamber as they are all in the business of making money so don't expect much from the newspapers.

We need leaders like Mike McGinley who are questioning our high and mighty Leighton about this flooding and we need less "arse kissers" like Wilkes-Barre Online who are so enthralled with Leighton that they amount to official apologizers for his administration. I have never seen a blog that became so infatuated with a political figure like W-B Online has with Leighton. This "love affair" has caused the blog to lose it's integrity and puts the duty of being truthful about City activities on other blogs like this one as well as several fine blogs out there.

Why has no one aside from McGinley bothered to question Leighton about what he has done in regard to addressing the flooding problems???

Furthermore, and most importantly, isn't time that someone looks at the development around the mall to assess if that has helped in causing the numerous flooding issues? If it has, then these businesses need to help contribute to solving this problem. It seems to me that there is an awful lot of flooding these days and that it's odd that no one aside from McGinley is questioning the mighty Leighton about anything regarding the matter.

A brief reminder, we have yet to hear from the authorities regarding the Citizen's Voice's publication of the illegal ad regarding Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell in the past State Rep's race. I hope this isn't being forgotten as good government demands swift action when an illegal activity occurs in the election process. Bob Reilly is a good man who deserves better than to be smeared by "Cupcake" Kadluboski and both Bob and Brian O'Donnell are entitled to some resolution of this matter.