Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Endless Arse Kissing of W-B Online

I'll tell ya does this Wilkes-Barre Online know how to butt kiss or what? Recently, he took Katsock, the State Rep Candidate, to task because she actually wants to hold Online buddies Eddie "DayNight" and Leighton the Mayor accountable for how they spend the public monies. How dare Katsock demand that our government officials don't throw money away?

Of course, if your one of online hero's like Lehighton the Mayor or Eddie "HUGE RETIREMENT FROM TEACHING" and "DOUBLE DIPPER" when he goes for his next big pay job in the legislature" DayNight---you can spend whatever you want.

Remember folks when Online sat on his backside and ignored the scandal in the recent State Rep Primary race this blog was telling you all about it. This blog does not butt kiss like W-B Online as we tell the truth and don't want to be politician's buddies.

Anyway, let's hope the State Officials have come to a decision about Cupcake Kadluboski and his corrupt misdeeds in the last State Rep race. Of course, W-B Online will be too busy kissing backsides to write about but I promise I will and can't wait for the chance to do so.