Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let's Look at the Facts

It's time to recap the sad tale of Cupcake Kadluboski, Eddie/Day Night, the mysteries of the recent primary election and the horrible and very sleazy ad run by Cupcake through the Citizens Voice.

A day before the primary election Cupcake Kadluboski ran an ad in the Citizen's Voice viciously attacking Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell and promoting Eddie Day/Night for State Rep. We now recall Day/Night's hilarious comment that he was "hurt by the ad." If that isn't the height of B.S. and an insult to anyone's intelligence then I don't know what is.

The Voice then immeadiately apologised for running an illegal ad the next day. Without question it was against the law. Cupcake Kadluboski, who the Voice identified as the person who placed the ad, pledged a news conference defending himself but being the Cupcake we all come to know he then backed down from that pledge.

Rumors are rampant since then about who was behind the ad that Cupcake placed. Many speculate that there is no way Cupcake Kadluboksi had the brain power or money to write the ad or fund it.

Questions remain as to who funded this ad. Without question we can guess that Cupcake did not act alone but the gutless wonders who are hiding behind him should be ashamed of themselves for not having the courage to stand up for what they believe in and for not standing with Cupcake as authors of the ad. Again, exactly who worked with Cupcake to put together this worst and lowest of all sleaze ball ads is an unanswered question that needs to be addressed.

We all can agree that the Citizen's Voice behaved shamlessly in this scenerio. They actually allowed to use their newspaper as a tool in an election by publishing a smelly attack had that Cupcake Kadluboski ran the day before the election not giving Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell a chance to respond. Of course, this was the plan. Again, questions remain here. Who at the Voice knew of the ad before it ran? Was anyone at the Voice involved in the writing of the ad? The funding of the ad? Who officially paid for the ad?

What is funny is that Voice employees like Paul Golias write columns telling people to attend their school board meetings and get involved in public matters but at the same time the newspaper Golias works for published an illegal ad the day before the recent primary election denying the rights to candidates Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell. Folks, this is called hypocracy and phoniness. Anyone can blather along and say things like "brush your teeth" and "be sure to vote" but when your newspaper blatantly runs a horrible illegal attack ad the day before an election sponsored by a local shadowy figure like Cupcake Kadluboski you have little grounds to write sermons. Of course, this will not stop Golias but it should stop the rest of us from paying attention to his phony nonsense.

The entire mess that Cupcake Kadluboski started during this recent primary remains slop on our political plate. Cupcake, who has more baggage than the local airport at Chirstmas time, really did a diservice to a good candidate like Bob Reilly. We can only hope that the slop Cupcake Kadluboski started can be sorted out by the authorities so that he can be punished for his role in the illegal ad. We also hope that the Citizen's Voice will be punished if they violated any laws in running the ad. It's time that law breakers like Cupcake are brought to justice and just because it's a law being broken during an election doesn't make it easier to dismiss or not prosecute. Because when people like Cupcake Kadluboski deny Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell a fair election by smearing them they deny all of us a fair election to evaluate the candidates.

This blog also asks Kevin Blaum to not get involved in this mess even though he supported Eddie Day/Night as the offenders, those who broke the law by placing the ad in the Voice, need to be punished before the eyes of the law.