Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Everything's Cupcake Kadluboski!!

Well, now that the flood waters have receded and the threat of water coming over the dike lessened attention is once again turning back to Cupcake Kalduboski and he's sleazy and illegal campaign activities in the last State Rep race this past Spring.

Cupcake, please know one thing. This column and part of the internet will serve as a constant reminder that even though you may be the great Cupcake Kadlubloski you still broke the law and injured the political chances of Bob Reilly and should be brought to justice. What is fair is the you, Cupcake Kadluboski be punished by the law for being a true lawbreaker.

For that matter, Cupcake Kadluboski, you also stopped Brian O'Donnell too. And, as I've said, whether it be Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell, you had no right dearest Cupcake Kadluboski to smear anyone who was running for State Rep.

Cupcake, this blog will continue to remind folks of your illegal act till you are brought to justice like a law breaking Cupcake should be.