Monday, May 29, 2006

W-B Online Is Really Offline

You know folks I really have wondered where W-B Online gathers all this wisdom he seems to posess. First, he waxes philosophic on campaign expenditures of candidates in the recent State Rep race then he comments on their television advertisements and then even offers his indepth knowledge of the immigration issues.

Want to know what all of this really means? Any fool with a computer can ramble on about any topic at any time on the internet. Please remember this when you read any blog or website including this one. All of us have a point of view we are entitled to but at the same time the reader has a right to disregard it too.

I think it's healthy and positive for all of us to be speaking our minds on issues and this is what democracy is all about even if we appear foolish and lacking of real knowledge or experience on the matter we are addressing. So, write on W-B Online and speak your peace.