Friday, May 19, 2006

The Kadluboski Scandal!

Today's Citizen's Voice revealed the highly controversial and much baggage carrying Kadluboski as the source behind the scandalous print ad run by the Voice the day before the election. Folks, this article has scandal written all over it. Let's see why.

The day the article was printed the "sweetheart of W-B Online" Eddie DayNight had one of his mailers that he appeared to have copied from his opponent O'Donnell placed in the Voice. So, you got to read what Kadluboski thought of O'Donnell & Reilly while at the same time you got to see what our W-B Online see's in Online's sweetheart Eddie DayNight via the mailer that DayNight stuffed in the Voice. Coincidence???? Was their a connection between these two events??? Shouldn't someone check this out???

Now don't think Eddie DayNight lacks a sense of humor. He is quoted saying in the Voice today, "I think the ad hurt me." HA HA HA HA HA....Does singing DayNight think we are stupid??? It "hurt him"?? Please Mr. DayNight give us readers some credit for not being idiots.

However, kudos to Christine Katsock for her integrity as her answer was clearly honest and not absurd like clever Eddie DayNights. Christine said, "I was not out there slamming anyone. There was no reason to..." I hope Christine pursues this matter and asks for an examination of any connection between Eddie DayNight & Kadluboski and the DayNight mailer and Kadluboski scandalous article.