Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wilkes-Barre Online is for the mentally vacant

I had to chuckle when I read the recent entry of Wilkes-Barre Online who seems to put it kindly not the brightest lad in the class. That's what's nice about blogs as even the dumb can participate. Let's look at this wizard's recent comment for proper illustration.

"O'Donnell's expensive advertising was inept at best. He's for public safety like who isn't for public safety? He's for safer neighborhoods. And that message stands out how? That differentiates him from every other candidate in what way?......Ed Mitchell owes him a sizable refund..."

Now folks the above quote I swear is true and I could not have made it up but it is unkind to make fun of those who are not too bright so I'll be kind. Many know me as a kindly person and I'll keep that in mind. I did not vote for Eddie DayNight or O'Donnell as I voted for Reilly but I do feel the above fiction needs to be corrected.

Let's cite the Times Leader of April 6th..."During the hour and a half forum during which candidates were given one minute each to answer questions submitted by the audience, the five hopefuls (including W-B Online's sweetheart EddieDayNight) focused on crime, education and the cost of healthcare..."

What's it all about W-B Online??? EddieDayNight was no different than anyone else and said what they said because he lacked original thoughts. Reilly was out there speaking his mind and saying his peace. Eddie DayNight's mailers which I got several sent to my home were duplicates of other candidates mailers who I received before DayNight's.

Sorry W-B Online but a new kid is in town and will be keeping an eye out for your poor writing.