Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lehighton the Mayor: Should he offer ESL classes???

After reading Greg Barrouk's application for funds from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Deliquency, I've come to the conclusion that Lehighton the Mayor desperately needs to offer an English as a Second Language course as Greg struggled to write coherent sentences on this application. Please go to the Times Leader Website and check it out yourself as I am not lying--May 25th story entitled, "W-B Grant Report Called Not Sufficient: City Weed and Seed Coordinator Greg Barrouk Only Wrote a Few Sentences."

Folks, this is pure laziness. To turn in an application for funds from The Pa Commission on Crime that contains as the Times Leader said, "...short answers.."is without a defence and shows the type of regard Lehighton the Mayor has for quality work in the city.

It appears Greg Barrouk has no real supervisor as this report is inexplicable and sloppy. Of course, Lehighton the Mayor is no genius either so you can't expect him to detect an employee who is not doing a good job.

Go to the Times Leader website and check this report out for yourself. They have a copy made available online. My words do not do this report which is a slap in the face to public service justice.

Oh, you'll never read anything regarding this sloppy work on W-B Online's blog as he's too fond of Lehighton the Mayor to notice.