Saturday, May 20, 2006

How W-B Online & Lehighton the Mayor Met: A Love Story

It was a windswept evening in October when W-B Online got up from his couch and put his beer on the table. "If only I knew the Mayor of Wilkes-Barre, I'd feel so complete," he said.

The phone rang.

"Is this W-B Online?," said the nervous and shaking voice of Lehighton the Mayor.

"Yes. Oh God, it's you, Lehighton the Mayor," suddenly W-B Online burst into tears at the thought that his hero was on the phone.

"I understand that you'd like a picture of me standing near a sign of the city at your house," said Leighton the Mayor.

"Oh heaven, you'd do that?" W-B Online was overwhelmed at the prospect that his dream of photo with Lehighton the Mayor would come true.

"Of course, while the city is still passable at night I thought I'd better get to your house. I try to accomodate both of my fans," Lehighton the Mayor said.

And so with that phone call a dream came true as W-B Online achieved his goal to be in a photo with Lehighton the Mayor. Some say it was a simple dream but W-B Online knows better as he can tell all that for a brief moment he and Leighton the Mayor shared a dream space of a phone call.