Friday, June 02, 2006

Lehighton the Mayor Plays Politics With Fire Dept!!

As described in a stunning article in the June 1st issue of the Times Leader, Lehighton the Mayor through his usual ineptness caused the City of Wilkes-Barre to be involved in a legal battle in Federal Court.

Former Deputy Fire Chief Donald Fiorucci alleges in this federal law suit against W-B and the world's dumbest Mayor, Lehigton the Mayor--that he was demoted and forced to retire in retaliation for his support of former Mayor Tom McGroarty.

This is the THIRD, yes third, Civil Rights Suit to be filed against the City in two years!!! The two others were Robert Turinski and Thomas Kosciolek who also claim they were forced to retire by Leighton the Mayor. The other suit was filed by former Fire Chief Jay Delaney who alleges the the dumb Leighton the Mayor demoted him because he supported Tom McGroarty. THE DELANEY SUIT WAS SETTLED BY City of W-B AND LEHIGHTON THE MAYOR FOR $35,000!!! That's your tax dollars folks that Leighton the Mayor is causing to be squandered by his nasty political power plays against working folks in the Fire Dept who have the nerve to oppose him. Is this the proper way to conduct government!!

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL INFO ABOVE WAS TAKEN FROM PAGE 2 of the June 1st issue of the Times Leader. None of this is made up.

The FIORUCCI lawsuit names as defendants: City of W-B, our dumb Lehighton the Mayor and Fire Chief Jacob Lisman.