Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cupcake Kadluboski: Lawbreaker?

Folks, you got to admit that the recent fiasco between Cupcake Kadluboski and the Citizen's Voice is one for the books. I mean Kadluboski's illegal advertisement really did a lot of damage to the Bob Reilly campaign as well as the Brian O'Donnell campaign. Those of us who voted for Bob Reilly are steaming about how Cupcake Kadluboski basically took our votes away with that sleazy and slimey advertisement he ran in the Voice the day before election. If Kadluboski didn't act the way he did which clearly favored Eddie Day/Night, maybe Bob Reilly won have won. I'll never know as will neither other supporters of Reilly and O'Donnell. That is ashame as my vote should matter.