Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Did Leighton the Mayor Play a Role in the Cupcake Kadluboski Scandal???

As the scandal involving the Citizen's Voice and Cupcake Kadluboski unfolds additional questions arise as to who exactly was involved in this scandal and to what extent. Folks, something really bad went down here on this past primary election day as a sacred process was tarnished by the sleazeball and dirtbag political tricks of Cupcake Kadluboski who placed an illegal ad in the Citizen's Voice that took away the votes of those who supported the great, Bob Reilly, and Brian O'Donnell. This slimey newspaper ad smeared these two good men and threw the election to Eddie Day/Night. None of us who voted for Bob Reilly will ever know if he could have won because of the dirty deed of Cupcake Kadluboski.

Questions. Questions. And more questions abound. I mean did Eddie Day/Night know of this dirty ad before it happened? Did someone give Cupcake Kadluboski the money to place the ad? If so, who? Was Leighton the Mayor involved in this mess? As an aside, Lehighton the Mayor was seen cheering Eddie Day/Night on at his victory celebration.

Most importantly, what went on at the Citizen's Voice to allow this low life ad to run? What kind of professional news operation has no knowledge of election laws and allows illegal ads to run the day before an election? Can the Voice be so incompetent that they were that ignorant of election laws to allow for publication of an ad that violated such laws the day before an election?

There is something wrong here. Very wrong. Justice needs to be done to Cupcake for influencing an election illegally. This is wrong and the justice system needs to punish Cupcake Kadluboski. But we also need to look under the hood and see who else was involved in this effort to influence an election.