Saturday, June 10, 2006

Leighton Lapdog: Wilkes-Barre Online

"Ruff...Ruff"....goes the doggy and so we see the self praising Wilkes-Barre Online bragging and boasting about his invitation to Leighton the Mayor's opening night at the movie theatre downtown. As I've said before in this blog, love is wonderful and especially in the spring but when you read the W-B Online drivel remember that it has been filtered through his fondness for Leighton the Mayor. Let the reader beware.

By the way, it looks like Steve Barrouk is leaving the Chamber of Commerce and is looking for other community projects. Hey Steve, I got one for you--how about showing your son, who should be taking English as a Second Language course from Leighton the Mayor, how to write a proposal for grants? From what I'd seen on the Times Leader website Greg Barrouk struggles once he gets past a sentence or two and, since it is obvious that Greg has no one supervising him at W-B City Hall, this would be a perfect job for his Dad, Steve Barrouk. Good luck, Dad, as you got your job cut out for you.