Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Citizen's Voice Double Standards

What a laugh to read how the brain trust at the Citizen's Voice detected that Rick Santorum's staff was involved in a website that supports the Mayor of Hazleton. Does this really matter??? Who cares??

The Voice is full of nonsense. Their so called "concern" for the truth did not extend to Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell on the day before the election when they allowed their newspaper to be involved in the seedy and very illegal doings of Cupcake Kadluboski. How phony! The great truth seekers at the Voice willingly published an illegal ad that clearly was designed to smear two candidates that ran clean campaigns.

What was Bob Reilly's reward for being fair and campaining on the issues? Nothing. The Citizen's Voice didn't give a damn about Bob Reilly nor for that matter Brian O'Donnell as they allowed a known shadowy figure, Cupcake Kadluboski, to march in their offices and pay for an ad that was only intended to slime Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell.

The question remains for the Voice to acknowledge--how did Cupcake pay for the ad? A check? Cash? How?

The fact remains that those of us who cared and voted for the candidacy of Bob Reilly as well as those who voted for Brian O'Donnell will never know if they would have won without the smear of Cupcake Kadluboski through the publication of this sleaze by the Citizen's Voice.

The Voice can pretend all they want about being concerned about "diversity" and "fairness" and Rick Santorum's workers helping with the Mayor of Hazleton's website but the truth is on the record that they willingly published a sleazy and illegal advertisment that attacked two good and decent men the day before the election which did not afford either Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell a chance to respond. The timing, folks, was not a mistake. Believe me. The Voice knows this and so does Cupcake Kadlubloski.

Eddie Day/Night's laughable response was that the ad "hurt me." Please Eddie Day/Night the voters are not idiots. This ad most definately helped you.

The only person with any integrity in this entire mess is the Republican nominee for State Rep vs Day/Night who all throughout this sleazy experience has been honest and direct.