Thursday, July 27, 2006

Very Irresponsible

I can't help but think of how newspapers like the Citizen's Voice can carry on with such phony self righteousness when they participated in such a sleazy and shady act that Cupcake Kadluboski caused when he ran the smear ad against Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell. I mean it must be nice to be able to pretend you didn't participate in something that turned out to be illegal which the ad most certainly did and to continue to blather on about how all of us should be better people. It strikes me as so phony but that is the state of our local journalism these days.

Look at Paul Golias. He writes column after column at the Voice lecturing people about this or that but he remains silent about the shoddy situation his newspaper found itself when they published Cupcake's ad which ran the day before the election and did not allow Bob Reilly nor Brian O'Donnell a chance to respond. Again, more b.s. and phony posturing.

And we wonder why people are cynical!! With the garbage that occured with this past election for State Rep caused by Cupcake Kadluboski and the attack ad it's easy to see why folks walk away from the electoral process.

In the end this whole fiasco is not really about Cupcake Kadluboski, Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell or Eddie Day/Night but rather it is about the process of how we conduct elections. It is not ok to smear someone and, hopefully, the authorities will be sure that Cupcake understands this point.