Friday, August 11, 2006

More Garbage from W-BOnline

Just when you think this guy can't top himself he does, yes, good old W-Bonline or "Blogs are us" as he is better known has spewed forth the latest "observations" using terms like "lefties" and "idiots" and all that nonsense.

This garbage only proves one thing that the internet and computers have now officially sanctioned a method where uniformed opinions are passed off as knowledge further dumbing down our culture. As far as can be determined, this "political genius" has never been on a ballot nor has he ever worked in an election. Yet, he sits there gulping his beer while he blabbers on about the latest "brainstorms" that have occured to him via the net.

Anybody can have an opinion. That's not hard but being a "doer" in life instead of a critic is a tough one indeed. Online is one of a zillion critics who takes time to criticize those who are actually getting off their butts and doing something. Another arm chair quarterback in life--wow! How hard is that!