Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gettin His Goat

I have to admit that it is a bit fun to get the goat of the self appointed "blogger of record", yes, you guessed it, w-b online! In between kissing Leighton the Mayor's backside he has somehow found time to acknowledge our humble corner here on the internet so it is time for a nod of gratitude. By the way self appointed truth teller, oh great one, W-B Online, how bout asking your buddy Lehighton how much he's made selling commercial real estate during his mayorality?? Humm..and why have you been so silent on this whole issue of the infamous Cupcake Kadluboski episode where he broke the law by placing the newspaper ad in the Reilly/Eddie DayNight race? It doesn't matter because whatever the case the truth will come out and the voters are entitled to it.

It is the contention of many that Bob Reilly would have won and the other candidates would have done better had that smear ad not taken place. Again, it is only right that justice be served here and that the public be fully informed as to who was behind paying for the ad as well as whether or not other candidates were behind the ad. This blog awaits the ruling of the authorities. Should be interesting news when this info comes out--hopefully soon.

Again, it's been great fun getting the goat of the "self appointed number 1 blogger--W-B Online!"