Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wilkes-Barre Online Vs Corbett

Once again, we see Wilkes-Barre Online all out of sorts because Steve Corbett disagrees with him. Who really cares about either one of them? Neither have any idea of what they are talking about and Wilkes-Barre Online is a tool of the Lehighton regime. Forget em both!

I see Eddie DayNight is starting to begin to garner the troops for his next State Rep race. Rumors are flying that he practically begged Bob Caruso, the mastermind of his last victory, to get on board once again. Supposedly, Caruso is playing the coy one and is not immediately agreeing to get involved with the Eddie DayNight express. From most accounts DayNight has been nothing spectacular in the legislature and has spent the first half year doing the party bidding and stating the obvious.

Go "Cupcake" Kadluboski! This guy who along with the Citizens Voice deprived the voters in the last State Rep race of a "clean" election with his last minute illegal and shocking smear letter against Bob Reilly and Dr. Brian O'Donnell that was published the day before the primary election had recently tossed his tainted hat into the Commissioners race but was not selected by the judges. Now if there is ever a dude who knows how to mess up the political process it is "Cupcake." Luckily, we were spared of his involvment in county politics.