Friday, December 01, 2006

Wilkes-Barre Online vs Walter Griffith

Here we go again with the integrity deficient blog, Wilkes-Barre Online, taking on a citizen who dares speak against his sweety Leighton the Mayor. Walter Griffith did nothing more than voice his opinion and soon enough good old Wilkes-Barre Online is defending the political establishment.

This blog doesn't play political footsie. We call it as it is and, sorry to say, we got Wilkes-Barre Online's number. Remember folks this "voice of the people" said nothing when Cupcake Kadluboski smeared Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell in the recent State Reps race. However, he was "boo-hooing" when his other sweety Eddie DayNight was criticized in a flyer. Sounds hypocritical to me? What about you?

Now, this blog of the Leighton regime is criticizing Walter Griffith because as a citizen he voiced his opinion on city government.

Remember folks every time you read this drivel of Wilkes-Barre Online just know that this is a voice of the Leighton team.