Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bob Caruso: The Next Star Political Guru

Everybody is talking about how Bob Caruso directed to winning campaign of Eddie DayNight for State Rep. Some locals worry that Caruso's head will swell after guiding DayNight to victory. Word has it that Caruso worked long and hard on an effective strategy for victory for DayNight and then in typical Caruso style drifted back into the woodwork avoiding the limelight. Have you noticed Caruso ever seeking publicity? No and that is his genius. This is the main reason he's soaring to the top of local political operatives and being sought after to guide other local campaigns.

Of course, the local bombastic self promoter, Wilkes-Barre Online, will not acknowledge the genius of Bob Caruso because that would take away from his arse kissing of DayNight. By the way, did you read Wilkes-Barre Online's "Boo Hoo" tribute to DayNight. It's odd that Wiles-Barre Online gets so worked up about his idol Eddie DayNight but has squat to say about the nasty deeds done to our hero in this blog, Bob Reilly, and Dr. Brian O'Donnell. So, Wilkes-Barre Online is ok with a smear if it's directed at someone he doesn't like but gets upset if it is directed at someone he admires. This is where our blogs differs. This blog has integrity and honor and tolerates no smearing but Online is arse kissing his idols DayNight and Leighton so his standards are relaxed.