Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wilkes-Barre Politics

Time has flown by and I see that not much has changed. Our old internet buddy Wilkes-Barre Online is still a Leighton man and still berates us internet folk who disagree with him. I also see that City Council in Wilkes-Barre has radically changed for the better as old timers are tossed out of office like Vitanovec and new personalities arrive on the scene.

I still am appalled that the "self appointed" champion of the little guy, Wilkes-Barre Online, sat silent while a good man like Bob Reilly had to be raked over the coals with that last minute negative ad that the Citizen's Voice ran smearing him and ending his chances to get elected. The same with Mr. O'Donnell who was also smeared in that nasty political ad that Kadluboski put in the paper.

I guess the authorities don't care about good government like Wilkes-Barre Online because they did nothing either to address the wrong against Reilly and O'Donnell.

Watch for Eddie Day Night, the new State Rep who defeated Reilly and O'Donnell, to back teachers unions in the legislature.

Anyone know what Leighton insider, Atty. Bill Vinsko, is up to these days?