Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Shows at a Local Debate

A few friends and I had the chance to take in the recent debate that was held by the South Wilkes-Barre Business Association in the basement of a local church. What really bothered me was the arrogance and indifference shown by candidates Rick Cronauer and Leighton the Mayor. Now a fool and dumbo like Leighton the Mayor we can understand not being at a debate but what's up with Cronauer?

They said Cronauer had turned the invitation to the debate down. Who is this guy? This debate was about the future of the city of Wilkes-Barre and he was a candidate for council with the debate in his district and he chooses to not go? And this idiocy is ok with the voters??? This man is obligated to be at all debates for an office he is running for but especially one that is held in his council district.

Folks, this is part of the problem that Steve Urban unearthed in the fall with Leighton the Mayor and the Vounteers for America Building on River Street. As you remember, Lehighton's Realty firm was involved in the business dealings with the Volunteer of America site and no one aside from Urban and Todd Vonderheid objected to the shennanigans. The press said little and all was well but it doesn't make the matter right.

Back to Cronauer. The voters should demand better of their candidates and should call to task the antics of Cronauer and others who fail to participate in debates that involve their office, especially, when the debates are in their district.