Saturday, December 08, 2007

Local Newspapers Stink!

Again and again we come back to the absolutely pathetic and awful state of our local media, especially the Citizens Voice and Times Leader, which absolutely suck as guardians of the public's best interest. Day after day after day after day they run this now manipulative story of the County Debit Card screw up. Yes, it was only an dumb error in the end and that is all it will turn out to be. But if you'd buy into the clear manipulation and phony proclamations of the newspapers you'd think that Sam Hyder's interest in saucy clubs and dumb debit card idea itself was the worst thing ever to happen in this area. Don't fall for Scotty Lynett's BS or Richard Connor's BS in this case because it's all crap and fake. This is nothing more than a huge screw up and that's it. Ignore the blatant and phony drum beat of coverage here because it's as impactful as the last time you relieved yourself in the bathroom.

What the Voice did to Bob Reilly's State Rep campaign was despicable. How could they have allowed that awful ad to run the day before the primary when it was a deliberate effort to smear a good man like Bob Reilly by none other the Cupcake Kadluboski. Of course, neither the Voice nor the protector of our virtue here in the Valley--Wilkes-Barre Online--had a word to say about this mess. They should have because this shady effort of Cupcake's influenced an election result.