Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hello Again!

Hey There!

It's good to see that nothing much has changed since my last post. Wilkes-Barre Online is now running a banner pronouncing his independence from political parties. Too bad that doesn't include his being the "bestest buddy" of Lehighton the Mayor. This Wilkes-Barre Online is one for the books. Saying one thing and doing another. Say what you want about this blog but we don't kiss up to the powers that be in Wilkes-Barre but are a source of fairness and calling it as we see it. Can't say the same about Wilkes-Barre Online who can't say enough good things about Leighton The Mayor or his cronies. I guess being the inhouse blogger for the Lehighton political dynasty is a full time job.

Go Wilkes-Barre Online.