Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weighing In On Wilkes-Barre Online

"Until recently, I think he’s been overly sanctimonious, continually holier-than-thou, smugly disrespectful and had taken to incendiary rhetoric as if it’s a birthright or something. Point blank, he got himself knee-deep in pursuits that he was ill-suited for. For one, he’s far too thin-skinned."

Folks here we go again with the ongoing hypocritical comments of your friend and mine--Wilkes-Barre Online. The above comment was one of his more recent examples of just how amazingly hypocritical this guy can be. He was talking of Tim Grier, the wannabe politico who has something to say about everything and saying how sanctimonious he is when it seems to me that Wilkes-Barre Online is really talking about himself.

Think of it--Wilkes-Barre Online has never run for public office or even worked on a campaign or even had the guts to do what Tim Grier did by being politically active and yet he sits there with his beer and computer and blabbers on about Grier's faults when he should be looking at his own. I say this to Wilkes-Barre Online--"physician heal thyself." Sir, you have no credibility when it comes to public service. All you do is sit on your haunches and kiss Leighton the Mayor's arse and take cheap shots at people who are active in their community like Tim Grier. Say what you want about Tim Grier but at least he is a "doer" and not some doofus who sits on his buns and drinks beer while tinkering with his computer.

Remember this folks--there are only a few quarterbacks in the NFL playing every week but there are thousands of critics writing about them and Wilkes-Barre Online is just another blabbering yakker.