Thursday, July 27, 2006

Very Irresponsible

I can't help but think of how newspapers like the Citizen's Voice can carry on with such phony self righteousness when they participated in such a sleazy and shady act that Cupcake Kadluboski caused when he ran the smear ad against Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell. I mean it must be nice to be able to pretend you didn't participate in something that turned out to be illegal which the ad most certainly did and to continue to blather on about how all of us should be better people. It strikes me as so phony but that is the state of our local journalism these days.

Look at Paul Golias. He writes column after column at the Voice lecturing people about this or that but he remains silent about the shoddy situation his newspaper found itself when they published Cupcake's ad which ran the day before the election and did not allow Bob Reilly nor Brian O'Donnell a chance to respond. Again, more b.s. and phony posturing.

And we wonder why people are cynical!! With the garbage that occured with this past election for State Rep caused by Cupcake Kadluboski and the attack ad it's easy to see why folks walk away from the electoral process.

In the end this whole fiasco is not really about Cupcake Kadluboski, Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell or Eddie Day/Night but rather it is about the process of how we conduct elections. It is not ok to smear someone and, hopefully, the authorities will be sure that Cupcake understands this point.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let's Look at the Facts

It's time to recap the sad tale of Cupcake Kadluboski, Eddie/Day Night, the mysteries of the recent primary election and the horrible and very sleazy ad run by Cupcake through the Citizens Voice.

A day before the primary election Cupcake Kadluboski ran an ad in the Citizen's Voice viciously attacking Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell and promoting Eddie Day/Night for State Rep. We now recall Day/Night's hilarious comment that he was "hurt by the ad." If that isn't the height of B.S. and an insult to anyone's intelligence then I don't know what is.

The Voice then immeadiately apologised for running an illegal ad the next day. Without question it was against the law. Cupcake Kadluboski, who the Voice identified as the person who placed the ad, pledged a news conference defending himself but being the Cupcake we all come to know he then backed down from that pledge.

Rumors are rampant since then about who was behind the ad that Cupcake placed. Many speculate that there is no way Cupcake Kadluboksi had the brain power or money to write the ad or fund it.

Questions remain as to who funded this ad. Without question we can guess that Cupcake did not act alone but the gutless wonders who are hiding behind him should be ashamed of themselves for not having the courage to stand up for what they believe in and for not standing with Cupcake as authors of the ad. Again, exactly who worked with Cupcake to put together this worst and lowest of all sleaze ball ads is an unanswered question that needs to be addressed.

We all can agree that the Citizen's Voice behaved shamlessly in this scenerio. They actually allowed to use their newspaper as a tool in an election by publishing a smelly attack had that Cupcake Kadluboski ran the day before the election not giving Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell a chance to respond. Of course, this was the plan. Again, questions remain here. Who at the Voice knew of the ad before it ran? Was anyone at the Voice involved in the writing of the ad? The funding of the ad? Who officially paid for the ad?

What is funny is that Voice employees like Paul Golias write columns telling people to attend their school board meetings and get involved in public matters but at the same time the newspaper Golias works for published an illegal ad the day before the recent primary election denying the rights to candidates Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell. Folks, this is called hypocracy and phoniness. Anyone can blather along and say things like "brush your teeth" and "be sure to vote" but when your newspaper blatantly runs a horrible illegal attack ad the day before an election sponsored by a local shadowy figure like Cupcake Kadluboski you have little grounds to write sermons. Of course, this will not stop Golias but it should stop the rest of us from paying attention to his phony nonsense.

The entire mess that Cupcake Kadluboski started during this recent primary remains slop on our political plate. Cupcake, who has more baggage than the local airport at Chirstmas time, really did a diservice to a good candidate like Bob Reilly. We can only hope that the slop Cupcake Kadluboski started can be sorted out by the authorities so that he can be punished for his role in the illegal ad. We also hope that the Citizen's Voice will be punished if they violated any laws in running the ad. It's time that law breakers like Cupcake are brought to justice and just because it's a law being broken during an election doesn't make it easier to dismiss or not prosecute. Because when people like Cupcake Kadluboski deny Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell a fair election by smearing them they deny all of us a fair election to evaluate the candidates.

This blog also asks Kevin Blaum to not get involved in this mess even though he supported Eddie Day/Night as the offenders, those who broke the law by placing the ad in the Voice, need to be punished before the eyes of the law.

Endless Nonsense

Just a few thoughts here and there.

It's good to see that the worst blog on the internet still roars along. Without a doubt Wilkes-Barre Online is the poorest written drivel amongst all of the websites I've seen and full of self congratulations. It's horrible. If this is all you read then your knowledge of the world is limited to childish thoughts and empty observations.

I'm impressed with some of the other local sites. Although I may disagree with a point or two they mention, I think they're very well done and make you think.

Thanks to all who read this blog and while we aim here for quality it has to be admittted that poorly done blogs like Wilkes-Barre Online don't inspire much motivation. However, other blogs, local and not, help to remind us of quality and keep us going.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Kevin Blaum and Cupcake Kadluboski

It's to Kevin Blaum's credit that he allowed Cupcake Kadluboski to face the justice system for his outrageous and ilegal act of running that horrible and ugly newspaper ad published by the Citizen's Voice ("People's newspaper"...ha ha that's a joke!) the day before the recent primary election smearing the candidacy of Bob Reilly who could have won had that ad not been published. We will never know for sure but many suspect that the ad devasted the Reilly effort. Of course, it was published the day before the election by the Voice which shows the paper has no moral compass or else they wouldn't have done that and it was paid for by Cupcake Kadluboski. There is a possibility that others were involved in this effort and that Cupcake Kadluboski wasn't the only one that paid for the ad.

Credit must be given to Kevin Blaum who has stayed out of this mess even though he quietly supported Eddie Day/Night, you know, the 65 year old dude who dyes his hair to look younger. All of us who want the authorities to properly punish Cupcake Kadluboski and the Voice, if it is found the newspaper broke the law, thank Kevin for staying above this fiasco and allowing the legal process to take it's course.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Myth of Eddie Day/Night and More!!!

Sorry to have not written in a bit but taking out the trash and following the Mrs. numerous orders takes time but I'm back and herein is my latest thought or two.

Oh, Cupcake Kadluboski, you dork, I've not forgotton about you but I'll give you a break this go round as I've got other thoughts. However, my dear Cupcake, your illegal action against Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell which I frimly believe caused the defeat of a great man, Bob Reilly, and denied another good man, Mr. O'Donnell, a chance to be State Rep---this criminal action will be rectified by our judicial process and you, Cupcake Kadluboski, will be brought to justice!!!

Anyway, I did want to comment on the utter phoniness on Eddie Day/Night. Here is a guy who has a huge teacher's pension and now is going to increase it with his time in the legislature. He colors his hair to hide his age and, in fact, if the voters bothered to think it through they'd realize that electing Day/Night was a disaster. If this 65 year old dude can serve 10 years it'd be great but how is that going to help the community?? Because as he leaves after accumulating 10 years the voters will be screwed again starting with another State Rep who'll have to gain legislative tenure to get clout. If you do the math you'll find that it'd be 2031 before we ever have another Kevin Blaum in the legislature. Way to go voters! Elect a guy who'll be there a few years and then because of his age will leave causing us to start all over with yet another Rep. Keep dying your hair Day/Night!

The Citizen's Voice should be totally ashamed of it's BS performance printing the illegal ad by Cupcake Kadluboski. Here we have the day before the primary an run by a shadowy figure--Cupcake Kadluboski--attacking two of the three candidates for State Rep and no one at that newspaper had the integrity or honor to question the ad??? They just published it no questions asked??? This is a moral outrage and a disgusting thing for this so called "people's newspaper" to do. You are a joke Citizen's Voice and you participated in causing the defeat of Bob Reilly who ran a good and clean campaign. You have yet to tell the readers who paid for that ad. You have yet to really be open as to why you did not give either Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell a chance to respond when this ad was run the day before an election??? This is a slap in the face at journalistic honor and proves that you have no honor at all.

Oh and to you, Paul Golias of the Citizen's Voice, when you write your columns telling of the virtues of diversity please also tell how this same concern for diversity did not extend to Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell as not one person at your so called "people's newspaper" bothered to show any concern for Bob Reilly's rights or Brian O'Donnell's when it published the stinking sleaze of Cupcake Kadluboski.

That's it for now. But, as I said, this blog will march on until Cupcake Kadluboski and the Citizen's Voice are taken to task by our judicial process for allowing a sleazy political attack ad to be published.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Citizen's Voice Double Standards

What a laugh to read how the brain trust at the Citizen's Voice detected that Rick Santorum's staff was involved in a website that supports the Mayor of Hazleton. Does this really matter??? Who cares??

The Voice is full of nonsense. Their so called "concern" for the truth did not extend to Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell on the day before the election when they allowed their newspaper to be involved in the seedy and very illegal doings of Cupcake Kadluboski. How phony! The great truth seekers at the Voice willingly published an illegal ad that clearly was designed to smear two candidates that ran clean campaigns.

What was Bob Reilly's reward for being fair and campaining on the issues? Nothing. The Citizen's Voice didn't give a damn about Bob Reilly nor for that matter Brian O'Donnell as they allowed a known shadowy figure, Cupcake Kadluboski, to march in their offices and pay for an ad that was only intended to slime Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell.

The question remains for the Voice to acknowledge--how did Cupcake pay for the ad? A check? Cash? How?

The fact remains that those of us who cared and voted for the candidacy of Bob Reilly as well as those who voted for Brian O'Donnell will never know if they would have won without the smear of Cupcake Kadluboski through the publication of this sleaze by the Citizen's Voice.

The Voice can pretend all they want about being concerned about "diversity" and "fairness" and Rick Santorum's workers helping with the Mayor of Hazleton's website but the truth is on the record that they willingly published a sleazy and illegal advertisment that attacked two good and decent men the day before the election which did not afford either Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell a chance to respond. The timing, folks, was not a mistake. Believe me. The Voice knows this and so does Cupcake Kadlubloski.

Eddie Day/Night's laughable response was that the ad "hurt me." Please Eddie Day/Night the voters are not idiots. This ad most definately helped you.

The only person with any integrity in this entire mess is the Republican nominee for State Rep vs Day/Night who all throughout this sleazy experience has been honest and direct.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cupcake Kadluboski's Luck Has Run Out

Just think of it. Here's a guy, Cupcake Kadluboski, who has the nerve with all the baggage he carries to smear two candidates in a political race--Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell--and thinks he can just walk away. Not this time, Cupcake! Your luck has run out. It's my understanding the election officials are looking into the illegal act by Cupcake to run that slimey ad the day before the election in hopes of further understanding the law breaking that went down.

Questions still remain about the role of Citizen's Voice staffers in this mess. Did they willingly assist Cupcake Kadluboski in this illegal act knowing a law was being broken? If they did not know an ilegal act was being done by Cupcake, then should they have known? And if they did not know why not??? I'm mean folks doesn't it seem odd that a shawdowy figure like Cupcake Kadluboski would march into the Voice Offices the day before an election and want to smear two candidates in a local State Rep race and the Voice doesn't even question the matter at all??? What about the long time political writers at the Voice. Why didn't they comment on this matter?? The Voice's silence and role in the matter is puzzling.

This type of politics must end. We must bring to justice Cupcake Kadluboski and anyone else who seeks to break the law to influence an election. Justice cries out to be done in this matter.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Everything's Cupcake Kadluboski!!

Well, now that the flood waters have receded and the threat of water coming over the dike lessened attention is once again turning back to Cupcake Kalduboski and he's sleazy and illegal campaign activities in the last State Rep race this past Spring.

Cupcake, please know one thing. This column and part of the internet will serve as a constant reminder that even though you may be the great Cupcake Kadlubloski you still broke the law and injured the political chances of Bob Reilly and should be brought to justice. What is fair is the you, Cupcake Kadluboski be punished by the law for being a true lawbreaker.

For that matter, Cupcake Kadluboski, you also stopped Brian O'Donnell too. And, as I've said, whether it be Bob Reilly or Brian O'Donnell, you had no right dearest Cupcake Kadluboski to smear anyone who was running for State Rep.

Cupcake, this blog will continue to remind folks of your illegal act till you are brought to justice like a law breaking Cupcake should be.