Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gettin His Goat

I have to admit that it is a bit fun to get the goat of the self appointed "blogger of record", yes, you guessed it, w-b online! In between kissing Leighton the Mayor's backside he has somehow found time to acknowledge our humble corner here on the internet so it is time for a nod of gratitude. By the way self appointed truth teller, oh great one, W-B Online, how bout asking your buddy Lehighton how much he's made selling commercial real estate during his mayorality?? Humm..and why have you been so silent on this whole issue of the infamous Cupcake Kadluboski episode where he broke the law by placing the newspaper ad in the Reilly/Eddie DayNight race? It doesn't matter because whatever the case the truth will come out and the voters are entitled to it.

It is the contention of many that Bob Reilly would have won and the other candidates would have done better had that smear ad not taken place. Again, it is only right that justice be served here and that the public be fully informed as to who was behind paying for the ad as well as whether or not other candidates were behind the ad. This blog awaits the ruling of the authorities. Should be interesting news when this info comes out--hopefully soon.

Again, it's been great fun getting the goat of the "self appointed number 1 blogger--W-B Online!"

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Endless Arse Kissing of W-B Online

I'll tell ya does this Wilkes-Barre Online know how to butt kiss or what? Recently, he took Katsock, the State Rep Candidate, to task because she actually wants to hold Online buddies Eddie "DayNight" and Leighton the Mayor accountable for how they spend the public monies. How dare Katsock demand that our government officials don't throw money away?

Of course, if your one of online hero's like Lehighton the Mayor or Eddie "HUGE RETIREMENT FROM TEACHING" and "DOUBLE DIPPER" when he goes for his next big pay job in the legislature" DayNight---you can spend whatever you want.

Remember folks when Online sat on his backside and ignored the scandal in the recent State Rep Primary race this blog was telling you all about it. This blog does not butt kiss like W-B Online as we tell the truth and don't want to be politician's buddies.

Anyway, let's hope the State Officials have come to a decision about Cupcake Kadluboski and his corrupt misdeeds in the last State Rep race. Of course, W-B Online will be too busy kissing backsides to write about but I promise I will and can't wait for the chance to do so.

Friday, August 11, 2006

More Garbage from W-BOnline

Just when you think this guy can't top himself he does, yes, good old W-Bonline or "Blogs are us" as he is better known has spewed forth the latest "observations" using terms like "lefties" and "idiots" and all that nonsense.

This garbage only proves one thing that the internet and computers have now officially sanctioned a method where uniformed opinions are passed off as knowledge further dumbing down our culture. As far as can be determined, this "political genius" has never been on a ballot nor has he ever worked in an election. Yet, he sits there gulping his beer while he blabbers on about the latest "brainstorms" that have occured to him via the net.

Anybody can have an opinion. That's not hard but being a "doer" in life instead of a critic is a tough one indeed. Online is one of a zillion critics who takes time to criticize those who are actually getting off their butts and doing something. Another arm chair quarterback in life--wow! How hard is that!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

W-Bonline: What a Whitewash of truth!!

Sometimes I wonder if a website can get worse and, sadly, it does as W-B Online has issued yet another valentine to Lehighton the Mayor saying he rides a bike in the city and isn't that wonderful.

No, it isn't wonderful, online. If you'd take off your rose colored glasses you'd see a city burdened by crime and a limited tax base and other problems that cannot be solved by sonnets. That is the problem with blogs that are puppets for politicians--they misrepresent reality and mislead people. This blog does kiss anyone's behind as it calls it as we see em.

Folks, don't fall for blogs that kiss up to politicians. Take time to read about the issues from more responsible sources of information.