Monday, February 12, 2007

Wilkes-Barre Online Cannot Compare Himself to Walter Griffith

Why is Wilkes-Barre Online, the so-called "People's Blogger", so afraid of Walter Griffith? I'll tell you why. It is because Walter Griffith tells it like it is and doesn't butt kiss politicians like Leighton the Mayor as Wilkes-Barre Online does. You know the truth hurts and Wilkes-Barre Online has dealt away his integrity by being so partisian to the Lehighton Administration. It makes you wonder if his blog has been influnced by Lehighton insiders. Has a known insider of Leighton like Atty. Bill Vinsko been successful in gaining Wilkes-Barre Online's ear? Who knows but it can be said that it is a good thing to have any blog do your bidding and it is without question and I repeat without any question whatsoever that Wilkes-Barre Online is a willing outlet for the Leighton Administration. That's Wilkes-Barre Online's choice and since he's paying for the priviledge to post online he can do what he wants. However, that bias results in a loss of integrity for someone who is informing the public.

Go Walter Griffith! Best of luck in your campaign for the City Council.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

There Otta Be a Law

Well, it's another day for self congratulations for the so-called "people's blogger" Wilkes-Barre Online." Here he is with his bestest buddy, Lehighton the Mayor (ie A Mayor for the Chamber of Commerce if there ever was one) in a photo announcing Lehighton's plans to run again. Wow! What a surprise to learn, once again, that Wilkes-Barre Online has his nose so far up Lehighton's arse that it's downright scary!! Butt kissing should be against the law, eh???

Now this same arse kisser, W-B Online, is knocking Walter Griffith who has the gaul to take on Lehighton. How dare Griffith to take on W-B Online's sweetheart! That too should be against the law.

And also too we learn that W-B Online doesn't like Steve Corbett. As if anyone cared.

So, go Walter Griffith and keep on taking on the powers that be. We need people who challenge the system not kiss up to it like Wilkes-Barre Online.