Thursday, June 22, 2006

The connection between the Citizen's Voice, Eddie Day/Night and Cupcake Kadluboski

Tongues are wagging at the imploding scandal that happened election day. While there are schmoozer blogs like the joke wilkes-barre online that try to be on par with ones like this one the fact remains only a few blogs tell the truth and you've found one here.

People want to know just what went down at the Citizen's Voice when that illegal ad was placed by Cupcake Kadluboski. Who gave him the money for the slimey smear ad? Did Citizen's Voice staffers attempt to throw the election to Eddie Day/Night by smearing a good man like Bob Reilly with the sordid likes of baggage carrying Cupcake Kadluboski? If so, what Citizen's Voice staffers were involved in this effort to influence the election towards Eddie Day/Night? The truth always comes out and all of us who supported Bob Reilly are owed the real story even though joke bloggers like the Leighton the Mayor loving Wilkes-Barre Online don't think so.

There are so many questions surrounding this scandal that it's hard to sort them out but it appears to most folks that all roads lead back to Cupcake Kadluboski and the Citizen's Voice with Eddie Day/Night and Leighton the Mayor seemingly having some explaining to do.

All I know is that even though politics is a tough business--what happened this past primary day is total crap and must stop. It is morally, ethically and politically wrong. Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell had a right to run for office no matter what you may think about each man. No one like Cupcake Kadluboski had the right to smear their candidacy the day before the election with a slimey and sneaky and gutless ad. If Citizen's Voice employees were involved in this mess, then it should come to light and they too like Cupcake Kadluboski be brought to justice as well as anyone else involved in this scandal.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Did Leighton the Mayor Play a Role in the Cupcake Kadluboski Scandal???

As the scandal involving the Citizen's Voice and Cupcake Kadluboski unfolds additional questions arise as to who exactly was involved in this scandal and to what extent. Folks, something really bad went down here on this past primary election day as a sacred process was tarnished by the sleazeball and dirtbag political tricks of Cupcake Kadluboski who placed an illegal ad in the Citizen's Voice that took away the votes of those who supported the great, Bob Reilly, and Brian O'Donnell. This slimey newspaper ad smeared these two good men and threw the election to Eddie Day/Night. None of us who voted for Bob Reilly will ever know if he could have won because of the dirty deed of Cupcake Kadluboski.

Questions. Questions. And more questions abound. I mean did Eddie Day/Night know of this dirty ad before it happened? Did someone give Cupcake Kadluboski the money to place the ad? If so, who? Was Leighton the Mayor involved in this mess? As an aside, Lehighton the Mayor was seen cheering Eddie Day/Night on at his victory celebration.

Most importantly, what went on at the Citizen's Voice to allow this low life ad to run? What kind of professional news operation has no knowledge of election laws and allows illegal ads to run the day before an election? Can the Voice be so incompetent that they were that ignorant of election laws to allow for publication of an ad that violated such laws the day before an election?

There is something wrong here. Very wrong. Justice needs to be done to Cupcake for influencing an election illegally. This is wrong and the justice system needs to punish Cupcake Kadluboski. But we also need to look under the hood and see who else was involved in this effort to influence an election.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cupcake Kadluboski Should Be Brought to Justice

Cupcake Kadluboski, dirty trickster and practioner of slimey politics, should be brought to justice for his illegal newspaper ad that took the votes of myself and many others away with this low life sleazeball act of placing the ad in the Citizen's Voice. By the way, shame on the Voice for being a tool of Cupcake Kadluboski in his efforts to distort this election. My vote for Bob Reilly as well as others who voted for Bob and Brian O'Donnell were completely swooped away in one dirtbag effort (the illegal newspaper ad) to distort the charactactars of these men. Of all the people to question the charactar of anyone it is complete hypocracy to have Cupcake Kadluboski doing so. This guy has more baggage than the Martz Terminal at Christmas time. Again, shame on you Citizen's Voice for your lack of integrity in this matter and for being Cupcake Kadluboski's pawn.

I hope that these two candidates--my candidate, Bob Reilly and Brian O'Donnell-who were unfairly smeared by Cupcake Kadluboski pursue legal charges against this man. All of us who voted for Bob as well as Brian O'Donnell deserve to see the moral wrong committed by Cupcake addressed.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Leighton Lapdog: Wilkes-Barre Online

"Ruff...Ruff"....goes the doggy and so we see the self praising Wilkes-Barre Online bragging and boasting about his invitation to Leighton the Mayor's opening night at the movie theatre downtown. As I've said before in this blog, love is wonderful and especially in the spring but when you read the W-B Online drivel remember that it has been filtered through his fondness for Leighton the Mayor. Let the reader beware.

By the way, it looks like Steve Barrouk is leaving the Chamber of Commerce and is looking for other community projects. Hey Steve, I got one for you--how about showing your son, who should be taking English as a Second Language course from Leighton the Mayor, how to write a proposal for grants? From what I'd seen on the Times Leader website Greg Barrouk struggles once he gets past a sentence or two and, since it is obvious that Greg has no one supervising him at W-B City Hall, this would be a perfect job for his Dad, Steve Barrouk. Good luck, Dad, as you got your job cut out for you.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Lehighton the Mayor Plays Politics With Fire Dept!!

As described in a stunning article in the June 1st issue of the Times Leader, Lehighton the Mayor through his usual ineptness caused the City of Wilkes-Barre to be involved in a legal battle in Federal Court.

Former Deputy Fire Chief Donald Fiorucci alleges in this federal law suit against W-B and the world's dumbest Mayor, Lehigton the Mayor--that he was demoted and forced to retire in retaliation for his support of former Mayor Tom McGroarty.

This is the THIRD, yes third, Civil Rights Suit to be filed against the City in two years!!! The two others were Robert Turinski and Thomas Kosciolek who also claim they were forced to retire by Leighton the Mayor. The other suit was filed by former Fire Chief Jay Delaney who alleges the the dumb Leighton the Mayor demoted him because he supported Tom McGroarty. THE DELANEY SUIT WAS SETTLED BY City of W-B AND LEHIGHTON THE MAYOR FOR $35,000!!! That's your tax dollars folks that Leighton the Mayor is causing to be squandered by his nasty political power plays against working folks in the Fire Dept who have the nerve to oppose him. Is this the proper way to conduct government!!

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL INFO ABOVE WAS TAKEN FROM PAGE 2 of the June 1st issue of the Times Leader. None of this is made up.

The FIORUCCI lawsuit names as defendants: City of W-B, our dumb Lehighton the Mayor and Fire Chief Jacob Lisman.