Friday, July 31, 2009

Judge Kosik Plays to the Crowds!

On Friday, we got yet one more personality in the media circus called the Luzerne County Judges Scandal showing no courage and playing to the crowds and newspapers, especially, the Citizen's Voice which is so biased due to the questionable lawsuit it is engaged in that involves Judge Conahan.

Judge Kosik, sounding like he too wants to pander to the Citizens Voice and the media, blabbered on about Judge Conahan not kowtowing enough to the justice system and Judge Civarella not being humble enough for his own tastes.

This is all so much nonsense. These two judges are to be imprisoned for nearly 8 years for God sakes! They plead guilty too. Gave up their jobs and, for the most part, their lives as well for from now on they are scandalized and lacking in credibility. So Judge Kosik wants them to be altar boys and bow and scrape! Astounding and foolish too.

The public would be well served for this case to be resolved and for this to happen we need Judges who have the courage to move the case to it's conclusion and not to be so concerned with the media.

Clearly, the actions of Judge Kosik and the Judge from Berks County, Judge Grim, who is looking at the Juvenile Court cases are highly concerned with the media and are not going to make decisions that would put them in a bad light with the media and all it's glory. Too bad as we need people of substance at this time who are courageous enough to take a stand.