Monday, August 03, 2009

Amazed at the Turn of Events!

I look at this Judge Kosik rejection of the plea with Judges Conahan and Civarella and think that it was nothing more than pandering to a very biased newspaper, the Citizens Voice, and, to elements of the media, and, of our citizenry, who are jealous of the success of these men, in that, they became Judges and were up until this point in their lives true success stories.

The blood thristy mob full of envy thirsts to have their jealousy satisfied by tearing down the symbols of their envy and, in this case, it is Civarella and Conahan. So, they call the media on talk radio or they write comments in the newspapers online yelping about the horror of these two men when, in fact, Conahan and Civarella's biggest crimes were against themselves by destroying their honor, their work, their legacy and their financial stability.

Of course, there were abuses when the juvenile's charged were not told of their right to a lawyer but again these juvenile defendants worked their way into the court system and basically did things to get there. Yet, the Citizen's Voice says very little about the victims of those who were in juvenile court because it is not in their best interests to do so. Don't hold your breath waiting for the Citizen's Voice to be a voice for the victims in these juvenile cases.

Clearly, Judge Kosik did what the popular thing to do was which was to kick two men--Civarella and Conahan--when they are down. This is what the Citizens Voice wanted and what the yelping jealous members of the public wanted. It is also what the talk radio crowd wanted. But was it the right thing? Hardly.

The right thing would be to wrap the case up and sentence these two men and let the do their time in federal prison for 8 years.

Folks, let us not forget they are being jailed for 8 years! That is a long time. No one "got off easy" or "beat the system" as some idiots in the babbling comments online have said. No, when you are jailed for nearly a decade you have a problem and you also are not doing well in life. The fact is that 8 years is a very severe punishment and there was no need at all for Judge Kosik to have rejected this plea aside from a desire to curry public support for his decision.

Let me say that Judge Kosik is not the only Judge who ever played to the crowds. This is been going on forever-- it is hard to be a person of substance and stand up to the media and angry mob.