Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What is it about W-B Online????

I keep thinking how empty this guy's blog is but no matter what you gotta give W-B Online credit for keeping on keeping on despite his lack of substance in the blog. Don't get me wrong. If you dig butt kissing W-B Online is the blog for you as you can have a turkey day feast on his kissing Lehighton the Mayor's behind almost daily. This guy is the ultimate fan of Leighton the Mayor. Of course, his new sweetheart Eddie DayNight is now part of his blog. It's just one love sonnet after another from W-B Online to Eddie DayNight.

I wonder what's up with Cupcake Kadluboski's case? Here a guy (Cupcake Kadluboski) breaks the law and greatly influences an election distorting democracy for you and me. I am bothered by this as I take my voting rights seriously. I hope that Cupcake Kadluboski will be brought to justice and that illegal activities at elections will not be tolerated. We'll see what the ruling is in Cupcake's case.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Wilkes-Barre Online: A Blog Breaking Wind

Long time since I posted but I'll jot down a few thoughts now.

What about my old favorite Wilkes-Barre Online Leighton the Mayor's "Official Lapdog." I guess I'm jealous as we all don't qualify for "worship your every move status" so I'll just leave Online to his hero worship.

I see Shirley Vitanovec has a slew of challengers. Some blogs are saying that several local celebs may take her on in the next council race and that is why she joined in on the battle to do all possible to stop the voting by district way for council. No question Vitanovec is very a weak candidate but, if she is smart, will ask Bob Caruso who is fresh from guiding Eddie "DayNight" to victory in the State Rep race this spring to guide her efforts to get reelected to council. Many tongues are wagging about how fantastic Caruso did in getting Eddie "DayNight" chosen as the winner in the Dem race for State Rep.

Many are still awaiting the ruling from the state officials as to the verdict on "Cupcake Kadluboski's" antics in the recent State Rep race. "Cupcake" really stepped over the line this time by breaking the law and getting that clownish and immature article published in the "Citizen's Voice" that smeared two good men--Bob Reilly and Dr. Brian O'Donnell. As I've said before in these pages, justice must be done here as "Cupcake" Kadluboski clearly broke the law and got the "Citizen's Voice" to print an complete smear piece against Reilly and O'Donnell.

By the way, anyone still recall the laugher said by Eddie "DayNight'? He was quoted in the "Voice" saying the smear ad hurt him too. Talke about total bs! If that smear piece hurt him then the sun is made from orange juice.

I guess W-B Online is still congratulating himself on being an expert who knows nothing about what he speaks. This guy has never worked a political campaign o run for an office but sits there like Buddha making pronouncements on topics of which he knows little. And to think that people take this guy seriously. Amazing.

Later all!